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Extend your Reach with Ladders and Scaffolding

Extend your Reach with Ladders and Scaffolding

Ever walk into someone else’s house, look up and wonder how they reached that part of the wall when the ceiling was so high? Or better yet, how was it even possible to install that ceiling fan in your living room? The answer is actually quite simple and easy to do yourself.  Homeowners and contractors alike can extend their reach for less by renting ladders and scaffolding.  I see it all the time when I’m in New York City. Scaffolding is everywhere and there is no better way to scale and repair or paint tall buildings. 

Growing up I was fortunate enough to live in a home that had very high ceilings. My mother painted every single room in the house over the course of a few weeks including the living room where the ceilings were the highest. How did she do it? She went to our local hardware store and rented a ladder.  Your local hardware store will have everything you need to tackle your job whether it’s a ladder, scaffolding, and even lifts.  If you’re a contractor, there are local businesses dedicated to supplying the materials for you to rent and extend your reach to areas unknown.  Consult with a professional to address your specific needs when renting ladders and scaffolding equipment.  Be prepared when you enter the rental store. Things to consider while renting are height, square feet, and any other important specifications you need to finish your project.  This is important because there are many different kinds of ladders, scaffolds, and lifts to help extend your reach.  For example, if you’re a contractor trying to finish a large project, you need to rent fixed scaffolding so that you get as high as possible.  If you own a large home, then maybe something smaller, like a pipe staging tower would be best, especially if you have fear of heights or ladders make you uneasy.  Pipe staging towers are very popular rentals as they are safe, easy to move, and don’t require a professional to set up. You can establish multiple working positions and even build more height to the tower if need be. Towers are best used on solid, level ground which is why they are often used indoors whereas as scaffolding is mostly outdoors. If you do use a piping tower outdoors, make sure to place a board underneath its feet for more support.  Finally, for those really tough jobs like installing that new light fixture you may want to consider renting a lift. There are a number of designs available you can rent depending on the surface in which they can be used and the height they can reach. Lifts are great because they’re secure and most you can operate without a licensed operator. Keep in mind renting a lift is most likely the most expensive in comparison to ladders and scaffolding so make sure you absolutely need it before making a commitment.

Once you have rented what you need always follow the instructions on how to use the equipment properly and work safely. Renting what you need to extend your reach for any project will save you time and money.